Farmer’s Market Week

The first full week of August is officially farmer’s market week! Farmer’s markets are incredibly beneficial to local communities as they continue to grow across the country. Here are several reasons why you should stop by your farmer’s market today:
Fresh produce
The produce that are sold at the large supermarkets down the street are usually several day sold and definitely not guaranteed to be organic. Farmer’s markets, on the other hand, carry fresh food that arrived nearly that same day! Because you know exactly where your food is coming from, there is a guarantee that your groceries aren’t ridden with chemicals that could be potentially harmful to your body. Become aware of not only what you are eating, but also where it comes from. American Heart Association sees the beneficial impact of farmer’s markets on the community and even partners with community gardens that deliver hand-grown, organic produce to the local farmer’s market.
Food found at farmer’s markets are usually significantly cheaper than the prices compared to large supermarkets. Markets tend to the community’s financial needs by adjusting prices so that the people are able to afford fresh, organic produce at low costs. Most farmer’s markets also accept SNAP benefits, so anyone eligible for the program can receive more purchasing power through that as well. With the affordable cost and great quality products, consumers are helping their own health and even the local economy! As local family farms are declining at an alarming rate in the country, shopping at the farmer’s market can help support these farms that do not produce their goods in mass quantity.
Farmer’s markets offer a healthier alternative at a better price, and many more! Visit your local farmer’s market today to take advantage of these great opportunities.

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