Eating and Making Healthy Choices in the Workplace

Practice healthy eating habits at work by being mindful of what and how much you arehealthy-workplace consuming every day. Unhealthy foods and lack of physical activity during your workday can lead to weight gain and health issues. However, every day is a new opportunity to adopt healthy habits in order to improve and maintain your health and aid in the prevention of heart disease and other illnesses. Consuming fiber-rich, low-calorie foods like fruit, vegetables, and whole-grains provide essential nutrients and keep you from filling up on vending machine snacks and treats that often have high sodium levels, added sugar, and fats. These healthy eating tips will help you make smarter choices and maintain healthier habits for your workday:

  1. Snacking: Instead of going to vending and soda machines, bring in a reusable bottle of water that you can refill throughout the day, and pack healthy snacks from home. Fruit is a healthy, inexpensive, and portable snack that satisfies your sweet tooth and keeps you feeling fuller, longer. Other healthy snacking options include low-fat, unsweetened yogurt, hummus and carrots, raisins, or unsalted rice cakes! Remember to be mindful of portion sizes and eating in moderation when you’re hungry. Divide up healthy snacks into smaller packages so you don’t overindulge. [1]
  2. Bring Lunch from Home: A healthy eating pattern that sustains energy throughout the day includes foods high in fiber, and there are plenty of easy lunch alternatives that can benefit your heart! [2] Wake up fifteen minutes earlier to prepare a healthy lunch for work! Cooking at home is not only a great way to make sure the ingredients are healthy, but portions are correct. [3] Low-sodium, canned tuna or salmon on whole-wheat bread, salad with lots of vegetables and natural dressing, fresh fruit, and low-fat string cheese are delicious and heart-healthy ways to feel good about what you’re eating in the workplace. Plenty of fruits and vegetables of different varieties and colors is always a great way to get the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body needs to stay energized.

The American Heart Association has delicious, heart-healthy recipes for every meal, as well as a variety of snack and lunch options for at work or on-the-go! Find healthy snacking options, tips for eating healthy, and more at

[1] How to Eat Healthy, Exercise at Work[3] Tips for Eating Healthy

[2] Lunch Ideas for Work: Heart-Healthy Options

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