Fall Fruit and Veggies

fall-veggiesAs we celebrate the advent of autumn, we can look forward to the variety of colorful produce that the season has to offer. The fall harvest season brings a whole new assortment of delicious and heart-healthy fresh fruit and vegetables for your plate, including apples, pears, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.[1] Incorporating a range of colorful produce in your diet means getting the needed vitamins, minerals, and fiber that help you feel better and maintain your health.[1] The deep purple, red, and green colors can be found in many root vegetables including beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes, as well as in leafy green vegetables like kale and Swiss chard.[2] The American Heart Association recommends at least four to five servings per day of fruits and vegetables based on a 2000 calorie diet as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Fall is a great time to take advantage of locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables for amazing flavor, and there are many benefits to buying produce in-season. Eating seasonally is a great way to save, as the season’s produce is usually in abundance and more affordable.[3] Buying seasonal produce is also typically fresher and more flavorful. However, an alternative is to purchase frozen or canned vegetables, which can provide nutritional value that is similar to fresh produce, options which can still help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to meet your goals.[1] Be sure to compare food labels and choose the products with the lowest amount of sodium and added sugars.[4]

Fresh fruits & vegetables are easy, portable choices when you’re hungry and on-the-go! Fall provides great nutritious snacking options, including a variety of green and red apples, which are low in calories, contain healthy nutrients, and are delicious![2]



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