Healthy Vending Goals

The American Heart Association is working in Chester to ensure that every resident has access to fresh and healthy foods. While healthy eating may begin at home, the workplace is also a key environment in improving access to healthy food and beverages. Many individuals spend a good portion of their day at the workplace; therefore, it is important to have healthy and nutritious options available at one’s place of work.

Many hospitals, government buildings, and other organizations lack healthy food and beverage options, and vending machines may be the only source of food or drinks. The beverages in vending machines are often high-calorie sodas and juice drinks with a large amount of added sugar. Limiting sugary drink consumption and reducing the amount of added sugar in one’s diet can help control weight and reduce cardiac risk factors.[1]

The American Heart Association wants to help businesses, city government, and hospitals to increase access to healthy options in their buildings in order to improve employee health. Healthy employees are happier employees! We want to make healthy choices the easy choice to make. In order to show support for the AHA’s mission to increase healthy food and beverage options in Chester, we will be asking organizations to sign a letter showing their support. We will also be asking individuals in hospitals, schools, government buildings, etc. to fill out a pledge card regarding why healthy food options are important to have. We want to hear your input! We would appreciate your support in helping make Chester a heart-healthy community, and if you would like to become an advocate, please contact Tracy Weldon at

[1] Sugar 101

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