Fresh Produce

cherries and assorted fruit.jpgWhat do berries, corn, tomatoes, & melons all have in common (besides all being totally heart healthy and delicious)? They are all in season during the summer! A great way to snag these healthy treats and more at a great price is by shopping at farmers markets! Farmers markets are a great way to catch some great deals on healthy treats, soak up the summer sun, and also support small businesses!

A helpful tip to remember when purchasing seasonal produce is that fresh foods are typically less expensive during their harvest season. Additionally, you may save a bit more money by buying in bulk. However, if there are no farmers markets located near you, another great way to get fresh seasonal produce is through gardening in your very own backyard. This approach is also a great way to incorporate a little exercise into your summer. If gardening and farmers markets are both unavailable to you, a third option includes purchasing frozen and canned fruits and vegetables. Just remember to check food labels and choose products with the lowest amount of added sugars and sodium… and always remember to freeze fresh produce in order to maintain quality and taste

For more tips on healthy eating, cooking and recipes: Heart.Org/SimpleCooking

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