Healthy Vending

Our goals for a healthier work place are to conduct nutritional surveys of the food and beverage options in the vending machines of Chester workplaces, such as Chester Crozer hospitals, government buildings, etc.  Our second goal is to work with local businesses & government of the Chester community to adopt a healthy vending policy within their buildings, allowing for healthier options for staff & visitors. Lastly, we aim to partner with businesses to create a “Healthy meetings policy” to provide healthier options for workplace meetings.

Healthy Vending is an important issue due to a majority of hospitals, businesses, and government buildings only offering food and beverage options through vending machines Unfortunately, a majority of these vending machines are filled with foods that are high in calories, fat, and sodium. By incorporating and promoting the use of healthy vending machines, employees will be able to make healthier choices if the options are available to them.


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